VLCC Salon Series Anti Ageing Chocolate Facial Kit 6 Times Use

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VLCC Salon Series Anti Ageing Chocolate Facial Kit 6 Times Use

Product Specifications
Package Type Box Pack
Package Content As described in the product description
Expiry / Usage Minimum 6 Months
Additional Information None
Usage, Side Effects, Composition (Ingredients)
This salon and parlor series anti-aging chocolate facial kit pampers your skin, boosts collagen formation and offers quick skin firming. Antioxidants present in chocolate help in reducing visible signs of ageing, detoxifying and toning it to leave it with a youthful glow. 6 Times use pack specifically made for beauty parlors.

** For dry matured skin use only.

Kit Contents:
* VLCC Chocolate Facial Scrub - Benefits of chocolate in beauty formulation is known for time immortal. This chocolate scrub is designed for deep cleansing. It's purifying properties offer a refreshed and soft feel to the skin, leaving the skin feeling pampered. It has fine Chocolate Grains and Walnut Powder which helps to remove dead skin cells & superficial black / white heads while cleansing the deep.

* VLCC Chocolate Facial Pack - One of the proven benefits of using chocolate on the skin is that it has powerful anti-ageing properties. The cocoa bean has a fibrous coating which breaks down harmful free radicals which cause wrinkles. The fatty Cocoa Butter hydrates and softens. This energizing pack moisturizes, rejuvenates the skin, and reduces blemishes leaving skin even toned. Cocoa powder moisturizes skin, boost collagen formation to even out age lines.

* VLCC Chocolate Facial Cream - Chocolate Cream's active bioflavonoids act as an effective antioxidant and protect free radical formation in skin cells, eventually slowing down the signs of ageing. The rejuvenating effect of chocolate along with Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil and Milk Proteins detoxifies the skin and provides a glowing complexion. Skin feels hydrated, rejuvenated and visibly youthful after a good massage with this cream.

* VLCC Chocolate Facial Serum – Useful to refresh, rejuvenate & energizing the skin. The active bioflavonoid antioxidant factor imparts a youthful look. The serum replenishes, smoothens & restores skin moisture. Skin becomes toned with immediate tightening effect.