Indica Herbal Hair Color Natural Black Dye With Henna

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Indica Herbal Hair Color Natural Black Dye With Henna

Product Specifications
Package Type Box Pack
Package Content 1 Box of 8 Sachets
Expiry / Usage Minimum 6 Months
Additional Information None
Usage, Side Effects, Composition (Ingredients)
Indica Herbal Hair Colour has given this process a whole new perspective by making it more youthful, friendly and safe.

The word 'Youth' has a lot of positive social connotations. Naturally, moving out of this phase puts lots of pressure on an adult. Though dyes cover gray, they contain chemicals which are harmful for the skin and hair. Besides, dyeing hair to look young is not considered 'cool'.

Indica has been synonymous with innovation from the beginning. It is the first powder color to come with a revolutionary hair softener. A mix of special herbs like Amla, Hibiscus, Methi, Henna and Bhringraj, this unique softener naturally coats the hair during the coloring process and makes it 2 times softer! What's more, it gives 100% gray coverage and eliminates the need for shampooing.