Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream

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Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream

Product Specifications
Package Type Box Pack
Package Content 50 g (1.76 oz) / 200 g (7.05 oz)
Expiry / Usage Minimum 6 Months
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Usage, Side Effects, Composition (Ingredients)
Blossom Kochhar's Camphor Ice Foot Cream is a soothing cream that softens and repairs rough skin, cracked heels, relaxes tired feet & removes odour to leave them smooth & refreshed.

Wash feet, massage cream into skin preferably at bed time makes dried & cracked feet, smooth, soft & relaxed. For tired feet massage a few drops of Aroma Magic Morning Dew Oil onto the sole.

Contains extracts of Camphor, Mint, Thyme, Pineapple, Clove, Jojoba Oil & pure essential oils of Carrot, Sandalwood, Roseberry, Calendula & Spearmint.