Shahnaz Husain Shahair Herbal Henna Hair Powder

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Shahnaz Husain Shahair Herbal Henna Hair Powder

Product Specifications
Package Type Plastic Jar
Package Content 200 g / 7.05 oz
Expiry / Usage Minimum 6 Months
Additional Information None
Usage, Side Effects, Composition (Ingredients)
Shahnaz Husain Shahair is an all natural henna powder that blends in the most powerful, precious herbal ingredients that control hair loss and act as most efficient antiseptic for your scalp. It fortifies and deep conditions your scalp to make your hair healthy and strong.

* Makes your hair lustrous and silky soft
* Treats all scalp disorder
* Strengthens hair and prevents hair loss
* Adds subtle color and gorgeous sheen to your hair
* Revives dry and dull hair

Prepare a hair pack by mixing approximately one tea cup of Shahair with two raw eggs, four tea spoons each of coffee powder and lime juice and half cup yoghurt. Apply all over scalp and hair . Let it dry and wash off with water.