VLCC Salon Series Silver Detoxifying Facial Kit 6 Times Use

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VLCC Salon Series Silver Detoxifying Facial Kit 6 Times Use

Product Specifications
Package Type Box Pack
Package Content As described in the product description
Expiry / Usage Minimum 6 Months
Additional Information None
Usage, Side Effects, Composition (Ingredients)
This treatment detoxifies and purifies the skin tissue and restores the natural balance of the skin to keep it healthy. Removes skin impurities, regulates sebum secretion and closes dilated pores leaving the complexion flawless and completely shine free.

** For normal to oily skin use only.

* VLCC Silver Glow Scrub (6x10g): This scrub enriched with Silver Powder and Wintercherry Extracts is a powerful antiseptic that rapidly removes dead skin cell, accumulated impurities and clears the skin.

* VLCC Silver Glow Gel (6x10g): With goodness of Wheat Germ Oil and Sandalwood Extract, this gel works to restore the skin pH balance and prevents the formation of blackheads.

* VLCC Silver Glow Cream (6x10g): This silver Glow Cream enriched with Liquorice Extracts and Silver Powder fights against unhealthy skin dullness and provides intense nourishment.

* VLCC Silver Glow Pack (6x10g): Enriched with regulating agents like Orange, lemon Peel and Mulethi Extracts, it helps maintain the optimum moisture level, removes all impurities, refines the pores and evens out the skin color and tone.