VLCC Insta Glow Herbal Bleach Natural Healthy Glowing Skin

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VLCC Insta Glow Herbal Bleach Natural Healthy Glowing Skin

Product Specifications
Package Type Box Pack
Package Content 27 g / 0.95 oz (One Time Use Pack)
Expiry / Usage Minimum 6 Months
Additional Information None
Usage, Side Effects, Composition (Ingredients)
Naturally fairer skin in just 10 mintues. Not only bleaches facial hair to perfectly match the skin tone but also deep cleans the skin of all the impurities. It is enriched with Herbal extracts of Cucumber, Seaweed & Tomato that act as vital nutrients for the skin and give it topical nutrition.

It helps maintain a clear & even skin tone with radiant, healthy complexion, with Post Bleach Herbal Pack.

Bleach Cream - Cucumber Extract, Hydrogen Peroxide, Allantoin, Glycerin & Polyquaternium 39.
Powder Activator - Ammonium Bicarbonate & Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate.
Post Bleach Pack - Cucumber Extract, Rose Petal Extract, Daru Haldi Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Sunflower Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Allantoin, Triclosan, Zinc Oxide & Kaolin.

1. Wash the area to be bleached with soap & cold water. Pat dry.
2. Apply entire quantity of Pre Bleach Cream & massage gently till it gets absorbed. Massaging with Pre-Bleach cream conditions & protects it against any irritancy caused by bleaching.
3. Mix the contents of Bleach Cream, Powder Activator in the ratio of 10g cream with 1g of activator powder. Mix the two well till the powder gets completely dissolved into the cream. For a single application mix the entire jar of powder activator into the bleach cream & mix well.
4. Apply the mixture on the area to be bleached using the spatula. Make sure that hair are completely covered. Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes.
5. Allow application to remain for the suggested time given under 'Recommended Time'. If hair is not lightened as much as desired, re-apply the mixture and leave on for 5 more minutes.
6. Wash off with cold water. Pat dry.

Recommended Times:
a) Darker Skin Tone - Upto 10 minutes
b) Wheatish Skin Tone - Upto 15 minutes
c) Fair Skin Tone - At least 15 minutes or more

* The exact time required for bleaching will depend on the skin type. It can be changed as per your personal preference / experience.